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Open Country A/T III

Australia is home to some of the most challenging off-road terrains anywhere in the world, which is why four-wheel-drive motorists deserve a tyre that can take them anywhere, any time; a tyre that instills confidence off-road, without sacrificing on-road manners. Toyo’s latest generation Open Country A/T III is that tyre, employing the latest in rubber compound and manufacturing technology, coupled with an aggressive tread redesign, bringing you an all-terrain that’s All Show and All Go! With a bold new look and a range of new fitments to better suit the Australian off-road and adventure market, the Open Country A/T III has been specifically engineered to deliver further improvements on the key performance characteristics that its predecessor was best known for, including exceptional long life, low road noise and outstanding off-road reliability. Decades of refinement have made Toyo Tires’ Open Country SUV range some of the most-loved best-performing and best-selling tyres on the market. Open Country A/T III offers enthusiasts the next generation of all-terrain performance – make your move and see how one of Australia’s most-loved all-terrains just got better.

Key Features

  • GO HARD - New cut-chip resistance compound for off-road durability.
  • GO TOUGH - Increased lateral groove area and shoulder block for better off-road traction.
  • GO STRONG - Chunkier, longer and wider side-biters for upper sidewall damage resistance.
  • GO FAR - New wear resistant tread compound for longer tread life.
  • GO SAFE - New tread compound for improved performance in the wet.

Performance Category: All Terrain

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
30x9.5R15 104S104S762
31x10.5R15 109S109S787
235/75R15 110S110S734
255/70R15 113S113S738
205R16 112/110S112/110S736
215/70R16 100T100T707
LT225/95R16C 118S OPAT3 118S118S834
225/75R16 115Q115Q744
235/85R16 120R120R806
245/75R16 120S120S774
245/70R16 118S118S749
255/70R16 120S120S763
265/75R16 123R123R804
265/70R16 121/118S121/118S777
LT275/70R16 119S OPAT3 119S119S792
285/75R16 126R126R834
305/70R16 124R124R833
LT315/75R16 127R OPAT3 127R127R878
225/70R17 115S115S747
225/65R17 107S107S724
245/75R17 121S121S799
245/70R17 119R119R775
245/65R17 117S117S750
LT255/70R17 121S OPAT3 WSW 121S121S
255/65R17 119/116S119/116S763
265/65R17 120S120S776
265/70R17 121S121S803
275/65R17 121S121S789
285/65R17 121S121S802
285/70R17 121S121S831
LT255/60R18 117S OPAT3 117S117S763
265/65R18 114T114T802
265/60R18 119S119S775
275/70R18 125S125S842
275/65R18 123S123S815
LT285/65R18 125/122S OPAT3 125/122S125/122S827
LT285/70R18 E 127S 127S127S856
285/60R18 122S122S799
LT255/55R19 115S OPAT3 115S115S763
265/50R20 111T111T773
275/60R20 115T115T838
285/50R20 116T116T793