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Australian Owned and Operated
We now accept Afterpay

We now accept Afterpay

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Wheel Balancing

Well-balanced wheels can improve driver protection, reduce tyre wear and tear, increase fuel efficiency and reduce steering vibration to maintain a smoother, more comfortable ride. If you are experiencing some vibration on your steering wheel and/or through your seat, or if your tyres have an abnormal wear pattern, your tyres could be out-of-balance.

Bring your vehicle into CC Tyres Penrith and we can rebalance your tyres, so you can get back to driving smoother and safely.

Wheel Alignment

Well adjusted wheel alignment ensures a safer drive and longer tyre life. Wheel alignment should always be adjusted with every set of new tyres and checked after every 10,000km driven. Properly aligned wheels will provide better vehicle control, smooth and comfortable drive without the effects of vibration or pulling, and greater fuel efficieny.

If you're having wheel alignment problems, come into CC Tyres Penrith for our friendly advice and expertise.

Puncture Repair

Tyre punctures are usually caused by small, sharp objects, such as nails or glass, that pierce the tyre and allow air pressure to excape. Most puncture repairs are quick and easy to fix, and can be done while you wait.

If you've got a flat tyre, contact CC Tyres Penrith to get it fixed so you can get back on the road.

On-Site Servicing

Got a flat truck, tractor or forklift tyre at a worksite or on the road? CC Tyres Penrith provides a call out service to people in need of repairs.

Contact us now for a service so we can get your vehicle up and running again.