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Australian Owned and Operated
Australian Owned and Operated
We now accept Afterpay

We now accept Afterpay


Regional steer tyre for highway application

Key Features

  • High molecular rubber combined with High dispersion carbon for improved wear performance and traction
  • Dual tread radius and wide belt package improves even wear performance
  • New tread design featuring ICOS technology enhances casing durability

Performance Category: Commercial

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/75R17.5 124/122M124/122M752
215/75R17.5 126/124M126/124M780
LT215/75R175 126/124M 126/124M126/124M729
245/70R19.5 137/135M137/135M838
265/70R19.5 140/138M140/138M866
295/80R22.5 152/148M152/148M1044
385/65R22.5 160K160K1072
LT205/75R175 124/122M 124/122M124/122M4753
385/65R225 164K164K1072