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Australian Owned and Operated
We now accept Afterpay

We now accept Afterpay


The Kenda Kenetica KR217 is our T & H-rated touring tyre designed to fit the needs of many drivers. The KR217 is the 2nd generation of our popular series offering dependability and safety at an incredible value! The Kenetica’s tread arrangement significantly reduces noise and the durable, light-weight construction enhances driving comfort. all-season tread pattern has excellent grip in a variety of harsh conditions, earning it a M&S rating.

Key Features

  • Symmetric tread pattern provides excellent ride comfort, low noise, and even wear.
  • Computer optimised pitch sequence provides excellent noise and wear performance.
  • Four large circumferential grooves provide superior hydroplaning and wet traction performance.
  • High sipe density maximises winter & wet traction performance
  • Strategically placed tie bars provide increased block stiffness for improved dry handling and wear.
  • Deep tread depth provides excellent wear and snow performance

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
175/70R13 82H82H575
175/65R14 82H82H583
185/60R14 82H82H578
185/65R14 86H86H596
185/70R14 88H88H615
195/70R14 91H91H629
195/60R14 86H86H590
205/70R14 95T95T643
175/65R15 84H84H609
185/60R15 84H84H603
185/65R15 88H88H622
195/60R15 88H88H615
195/65R15 91H91H635
205/60R15 91H91H627
205/65R15 94H94H648
205/70R15 96H96H668
215/70R15 98H98H682
215/60R15 94H94H639
225/70R15 100T100T696
235/75R15 109T109T734
205/65R16 95H95H673
205/60R16 92H92H652
205/55R16 91H91H632
205/70R16 97T97T693
215/60R16 95H95H664
215/65R16 98H98H686
215/70R16 100H100H707
225/60R16 98H98H676
225/65R16 100H100H699
225/70R16 103H103H721
235/65R16 103H103H712
235/60R16 100H100H688
215/50R17 95H95H647
215/60R17 96H96H690
215/65R17 99H99H711
215/55R17 94H94H668
225/60R17 99H99H702
225/65R17 102H102H724
225/55R17 97H97H679
225/50R17 94H94H657
235/55R17 99H99H690
235/60R17 102T102T714
235/55R18 100H100H716