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Australian Owned and Operated
Australian Owned and Operated
We now accept Afterpay

We now accept Afterpay


An innovative low profile tyre for your K-Car that combines style, comfort and safety with excellent traction and braking.

Key Features

  • Inside offset twin rib - Sharp, smooth response and stability, excellent traction and braking
  • Two straight broader grooves - To upgrade and enhance safety on wet ground, in order to achieve better hydroplaning
  • Shoulder block with multiple edges and additional sipes - Grip and braking optimization and smooth rolling; excellent handling and comfort and noise improvement
  • Twin silent ribs - Reduce the generation of pattern noise

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
155/65R14 75H75H557
155/55R14 75H75H526
165/55R14 75V75V537
165/50R14 75V75V521
155/60R15 75H75H567
165/55R15 75H75H563
165/50R15 75V75V546
165/45R15 75V75V530
175/55R15 77V77V574
185/50R15 79V79V566
165/40R16 75V75V538
165/45R16 74V74V555
165/50R16 77V77V571
165/45R17 85V85V580
165/40R17 85V85V564
175/55R17 88V88V624
195/45R17 85W85W607
195/40R17 81V81V588
165/40R18 85V85V589
175/45R18 88W88W615
195/35R18 88W88W594
205/35R18 88W88W601