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Australian Owned and Operated
Australian Owned and Operated


The directional pattern is adopted for excellent handling as well as outstanding traction even on wet and muddy roads. The interblock tie-bar at the center guarantees outstanding straight driving performance and impact dispersion for blocks, thereby improving durability. The tapered block design ensures a flexible response to lateral impact.

Key Features

  • All Position, Steer
  • Mixed Service (On&Off)
  • Zigzag traction grooves and optimized multi-angular kerf - Improves traction and braking performance by expanding the point of intersection through 4 zigzag grooves and an optimized unique kerf design without chipping or cutting.
  • Polygonal block and step edge groove - Improved braking performance through maximizing the edge effect. → Enhances handling.
  • Wide tread width - A wide tread profile provides stability and uniformity which reduces distortion, delivering outstanding handling performance and improved tread life.
  • Closed shoulder design and shoulder lug - A closed shoulder design is adapted for improved driving stability and an even wear. Shoulder lugs help to reduce tread temperature.
  • Stone ejector - Stone ejectors ensure grooves are kept clear at all times by using an additional rubber material to force unwanted debris out.
  • High structure carbon black compound - Improved heat generation is achieved by applying a high structure carbon black compound which increases fuel efficiency and durability.

Performance Category: Light Truck

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
10R22.5 144L144L1040
11R22.5 148K148K1087
295/80R22.5 152K152K1044
315/80R22.5 156K156K1076