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Australian Owned and Operated
Australian Owned and Operated


The Federal Xplora A/P is an ideal option for those who enjoy outdoor adventures but also require a safe and quiet tyre for the everyday.

Key Features

  • Optimal compounds - Improved durability and mileage
  • Stone ejectors - Prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tyre’s tread surface and penetrating the tyre structure.
  • Four main grooves with straight and jagged designs and slanted lateral grooves - Effectively disperse water for improved wet traction.
  • Tie bar in shoulder areas - Reduces noise for comfortable rides on-road

Performance Category: Touring

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
30x9.50R15 104Q104Q762
31x10.50R15 109Q109Q787
205/70R15 96T96T668
215/75R15 QQ704
235/75R15 QQ734
235/75R15 QQ734
235/75R15 105S105S734
205/80R16 104S104S734
215/70R16 100T100T707
225/75R16 104T104T744
225/75R16 QQ744
225/70R16 101S101S721
235/85R16 QQ806
235/70R16 106S106S735
245/70R16 112S112S749
245/70R16 118R118R749
245/75R16 120Q120Q774
255/70R16 111S111S763
265/75R16 116S116S804
265/70R16 121R121R777
265/70R16 112S112S777
265/75R16 123Q123Q804
285/75R16 QQ834
225/70R17 RR747
245/70R17 110T110T775
245/70R17 QQ775
265/70R17 115S115S803
265/65R17 120S120S776
265/70R17 QQ803
265/65R17 112S112S776
285/70R17 SS831
275/65R18 QQ815
275/70R18 RR842
275/55R20 111T111T811
275/65R20 SS866